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  2. Santen takes home two awards at the 2021 PM Society Digital Awards

Santen takes home two awards at the 2021 PM Society Digital Awards

Mon 27 September 2021

September 2021 – Santen, a global company specialising in ophthalmology, received two prestigious accolades at the PM Society Digital Awards 2021. Two campaigns were recognised as outstanding, resulting in a Silver Award in the Brand Promotion category, and a Gold Award in Meetings & Events.

The PM Society Digital Awards are designed to recognise digital creativity, innovation and effectiveness across the healthcare sector.

Santen UK achieved silver in the Brand Promotion category for their Ophthalmology Resource Centre – which has been accessed by more than 759 unique visitors since it launched in September 2019.

The online centre featured a variety of engaging content, such as interactive case studies that doctors could use to check and test knowledge. 

GlaucomaFest 2020 – a unique, immersive education experience from Santen EMEA – was also awarded Gold in the Meeting & Events category. The event was designed to support EMEA ophthalmologists seeking continuing medical education through COVID-19 and beyond.

Constructed around an exciting festival theme, the event featured multiple ‘tents’ with different click points, and a ‘main stage’ for the keynote speakers.

The education reinforced key messages about best practices in glaucoma care management, but presented them in an interactive format. The campaign was well received by the ophthalmology community, receiving more than 245k impressions and 2156 registrations, greatly exceeding the original target of 500.

“There were so many webinars that popped up during the pandemic, we knew we needed something different, something exciting, to keep healthcare professionals engaged,” commented Rafael Fischer, Director, Marketing, Glaucoma (EMEA). “Attendees felt really engaged with the innovative format, highlighting that the learning experience was very different than a standard webinar. We’re thrilled that it’s been recognised by the PM Society.”

Image of Glaucomafest


For more information on Santen’s medical education offerings, please visit the Santen Eyecare Education website – an interactive learning hub for healthcare professionals in ophthalmology.